Saturday, May 31, 2008

And then there was darkness......

So yesterday I had a brand new experience, one that I have never ever ever had to deal with before...because of this I thought I would share it with all of you!! So yesterday I was soo excited because I was finally going to get my hair done and I had made my appointment for 1:15, right after work. So I got off work and headed to the salon!! The appointment went great and I was really happy with the results, everything was good. I had started to get a little bit of a stomach ache but all was okay. So I was standing at the counter waiting to pay when my stomach really started to hurt and I started to get a cold sweat and then my eyes kind of went weird. You know if you get up too fast how your eyes will go kind of weird, it was just like that. I just thought "oh maybe I just stood up to fast" and I waited for it to go away!! WELL it didn't and I really started to feel weird, so I told the girls at the counter that I wasn't feeling to hot and that I was going to go sit down for a second. So I turned and I took a couple steps....AND THEN THERE WAS DARKNESS!!!!!! I had totally passed out!!!! Luckily they had a couch right there that I landed on but not before I smashed my face into the wall. I didn't feel myself hit but I heard it and that is what knocked me back to the real world!! The next thing I saw was the two girls running over to see if I was okay!!! THIS EXPERIENCE WAS TOTALLY WEIRD!! I didn't ever feel scared or embarrassed, I just felt bad because I had freaked the girls out! The scared part came a little later when everyone started asking if I could be pregnant!! I am soo excited to be a mom...just not yet so I got scared!! But I can tell you right now that I am NOT pregnant!! There were a lot of things that could have factored into why this happened. For instance, Matt and I had donated plasma the day before so it could have been that, or I got that stomach ache bad right before so maybe it was the pain that did it! I am feeling 100% now(I was actually okay right after), and we've been able to laugh about it. I only have the left over battle wounds....a little black eye, a bump on my head, a scrape on my foot, and I nice bruise on my thigh!! It was a first for me, the passing out thing, and I wanted to share it!! :D

This is my eye right after I got home!

This is the goose egg on my forehead!

And this is what my eye looks like today, the day after!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!!

So Matt and I were so excited for our big camping trip we had planned for Memorial Day Weekend.....only to have our excitment dashed to pieces by big fat black clouds and lots of rain drops!!! Instead we just hung out here, Monday, Memorial Day, it wasn't too bad and Matt was dying to get out and fish so we packed up a cute little picnic and headed out to go fishing!! The fishing really wasn't good so instead we just drove and explored in the nearby forest area!! We were really enjoying ourselves, looking for animals and next thing we know we reach a sign that says..."Welcome to Wyoming!" Yeah Wyoming isn't too far away but a good two hours or so!! We had just been jabbering away and drove all the way to Wyoming!! We had a good laugh about that!! Although we didn't get to have our camping trip we did still have a good Memorial Day!!

This is a super cool mailbox we came across when we were on our little adventure!

This was the dream house locaton, in my opinion! Well I actually just love the huge field!

Other than that life is going really well! I am loving my job and I have caught on really quickly..thank heavens!!! Matt is truckin along in school...loving every bit of it I'm sure!! We do manage to have some fun though....we broke down yesterday and bought Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii and we've enjoyed our Wii time!!

We have this cool little tool that hollows out a pineapple so you can have a mug as well as enjoy the fruit!! This is me drinking from our pineapple mug!!

I thought when you got married you grew up...guess not!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

One Fun Week!!

Last week was quite an exciting week for Matt and I!!! First and foremost, we got our kitchen done!! Yay! It actually turned out to be really fun!! The wallpaper wasn't as bad to remove as I thought it would be and I found out that Matt is quite the wallpaper remover!! Then we got to paint it!! We painted it green, I know most people cringe when they think of painting a room green but this actually turned out really nice!! I then got really creative with our decorations!! I have always wanted to have a huge clock on one of the walls and I was able to come up with something pretty cute! We haven't completed all the decorating yet, we are still trying to accumulate kitchen decor but what we have we like!! It is definately a huge improvement then what it was before! This is the kitchen before we removed the wallpaper! This is me removing the wallpaper above the fridge and cupboards....such a pain! This is my clock creation! And this is the final product....almost! Next Matt and I got to do some fly fishing!! Matt actually did a ton more than me but I did manage to catch a nice brown trout.........after I had hooked and lost like 5 big ones!! It was a lot of fun! On Saturday Matt headed the school fly fishing clinic and had a good time teaching newbies the skills of fly fishing! Not only that but he was able to enjoy the beauty of Idaho! We love that it is starting to get warm and everything is becoming green! It's hard to see me in this picture but this is the brown I caught! After Matt's big trip on Saturday, we headed out to go shooting with our new gun, Remington 7mm magnum! Matt had already been shooting with it and was anxious for me to give it a try!! I, too, was anxious!! When we got out far enough we set up a milk gallon full of water and a appletree apple juice gallon full of water about 150-175 yds or so for our targets! We also gathered some things that had been left there from other people, a brown glass bottle and some small water bottles!! Matt was the first to shoot and he blew the milk carton to bits, then I took over and nailed the apple tree carton and the little glass bottle! It was a fun day and we really enjoyed each others company!! This is our damage!!
This coming week is normal school for Matt and I start my job!! Unfortunately my training is from 4 to 10 PM!!! We aren't too excited about this but the fact that it is a good job is more important!! Life is pretty good for this little couple!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

I wanted to share our new little home with everyone! I have pictures before and after we painted, I don't know if you will see how much better it is after we painted! I am seriously turning into your typical homemaking house wife. Nannying last semester gave me the opportunity to watch A LOT of HGTV (home and garden tv) and boy did I get the bug!! I love to decorate now and this is what I have come up with so far!! Now we don't have a whole lot but I was pretty pleased with our arrangement!! Matt and I really like our place! You may not realize how big and roomy it is with the pictures, they never seem to really show how spacious places are!! I don't have pictures of the bedrooms or the bathroom yet, they are still under construction!! But they will be darling when I am through with them!! The kitchen has a lot of work for us, as you can tell the wallpaper is a little on the old grandma side so we will be removing that and painting!! Maybe that will be next weeks project!!

Other news...I got a job at Melaleuca!!!!! Hooray!! I don't start for a week but I am okay with that, at least I have a job....we won't starve after all!!! Well Matt and I are great...he's off fishing with our buddy Pedro, which means I am cleaning and watching the girliest chick flick ever filmed!!! We are super happy!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Good Ole Rexburg, Idaho!

I changed our look to reflect the feeling of our new home....Rexburg, Idaho. This was actually a very exciting thing for Matt and I, we actually really like Rexburg! We love our apartment, much larger than our former apartment, and we get to paint! I am going to Walmart today to get the paint to begin the masterpiece!! I don't have any pictures to post of our apartment right now but I will for sure do some before and after shots!! Off to the store!!!