Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wedding Pictures and a Cahoon Update!!!

So we finally got some of our wedding pictures so we can show them off!! It was such an awesome day and I can't believe its already been a month!!! We are loving every minute of it!!! Now for an update!!! Paige is still looking for a job but not allowing herself to get too frustrated!!! Matt is busy with his school work and doing a pretty darn good job at it!!

With all of the crazyness we still manage to get out and have some fun!!! A few postings ago I wrote that soon I would be next to Matt with a big trout of my own....well lo and behold I was right, I scored a 15" brown trout on my fourth cast..........mind you Matt hasn't even gotten one that big!!! I guess I am just a born fly fisherwoman!!! Of course it was Matt's homemade fly that I caught it with so we can give him a little credit!! We also went camping with a group of friends to Island Park!!! It was a lot of fun and we definately can't wait to get out there again!!!

So the Cahoons are doing pretty darn good!!! Rexburg is great, kind of windy but nothing too bad!!! We are a happy little family!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


It's been quite a time since we last updated our blog but believe me we have a good excuse!! August 22, 2007 started as a beautiful day and ended even better!! Matt and I were married in the Salt Lake Temple and it was absolutely amazing!! We had the perfect ceremony, the perfect weather, the perfect luncheon, and the perfect reception (times 3)!!! Though none of this would have been possible if it wasn't for our two amazing families, to whom we are greatly appreciative!!! Unfortunately we have yet to recieve our wedding pictures so I have nothing to show off but the second I get them I will post them!!

After a crazy day, Matt and I headed to Park City for a week long honeymoon!! It was tons of fun being with the love of my life every second of every day!!! We got to do a lot of things but our favorite had to be the Alpine Slide!! After that we headed to Washington for reception/open house #2, which turned out absolutely fantastic!!! We had a lot of fun seeing old friends and mingling with them!! Then immediately following that we headed to Oregon for reception/open house #3!!! WHEW! That was also beautiful and a lot of fun!!! The madness continued as we traveled back to Utah to gather our goods and head for good ole Rexburg, Idaho!!!!

We got here and had a fun time moving in, full of excitement, panic, and loads of fun!!! Matt and I are definately enjoying married life, although it still is a little weird to think that we are actually really married!!! It has been a crazy couple of weeks but we have loved every second of it and can't wait for more!!!