Monday, July 5, 2010

A Long Time Coming.....!!

So it has been incredibly long since we last updated! Words would just be a waste a time so follow along on our picture post!

Shay, Chelsea, Grif, Jonas and Cooper come to visit us in Idaho!

Here we are at an old railroad tunnel.
A little Leatherby's!!
Nothing like a rotting deer head pulled from the freeway!
Matt's trophy buck!
What a handsome fella!
Lara has her little boy, Jackson, the first Cahoon grandbaby!
Matt has a close encounter with a young moose.
Whoa big game!
Another darling boy!
The family gathers for a wedding!
We meet baby Olivia, Cassidy's third!
Brody is our little Romeo!
Grif and Kate get married.....finally!!!
Our friends Dane and Laurel have their first little baby, Zoey!
We take our little canoe for a float down the river!
Matt gets one step closer to becoming a true cowboy with his new truck!!
Jonas and Matt get creative with a few sticks and a young archer is born!
AWWW I love this baby boy! Little Cooper!
We get an up close and personal shot of a black bear with Matt's trail cam.
Another big kill for the hunter!
A little bow fishing for some GIANT carp!

Just a small taste of our fabulous life in Idaho!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas and New Years!!!

I can't believe another year has come and gone!! It's amazing how quickly time passes!! It was fun to look back on all of the fun things Matt and I were able to do! It has really helped us to see how blessed we are to have wonderful families and wonderful friends!!

Matt and I were lucky enough to be able to go up to Oregon to spend Christmas with my family!! It was such a blast to be with family!! We had a lot of fun doing various things. It was awesome to meet Griffin's fiance, Kate, she was a lot of fun and fits perfectly into our crazy family!! It was also really nice to be able to spend Christmas with Mac before he heads to Afghanistan!

We didn't get a lot of pictures but here are some!!

Cute little Jonas eating breakfast!
Mom and baby Cooper!!
Look at his form!! Shay and his bowling awesomness!!
I actually look like I know how to bowl!!
Shay and Cooper!

The New Year was also very fun!! Matt and I were able to bring Abby back to Rexburg for her first semester so we rung in the New Year with her!!

High rollers, I know!!
Here we are!!

We had an awesome Christmas!! We were so glad to be able to be with family and then bring Abby here with us!! We have had a lot of fun with her and I think she is really liking college!! We are so grateful for the so many blessings we have!!

Friday, November 13, 2009


To many, Friday the 13th is a dreaded day; a day guaranteed to be filled with bad karma, bad luck, and bad juju! Well…....NOT FOR US CAHOONS!!!! WAAAAHHOOOOO!

This year Friday the 13th brought Matt, not only his first buck ever but a large one at that!! I received a phone call today at about 5:45 PM from an ECSTATIC Matt announcing the harvest of ONE HUGE 7 x 8 (or 15 point) BUCK!

Here he is!!!
Close up on the antlers!
Haulin' him across the river! Tough men!
Another close up!
This gives you a little idea of the size of this guy!
Matt and Dane, 2 proud hunters!
You might be a redneck if......

This is just a preview, more pictures and a better update to come!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Man Does Time Fly By!

So I thought that I was really on top of things but as I reflect on all of my "things", I realize I'm not that on top of it!! The biggest example is our blog! I didn't realize how long it had been since I last updated! So just like my last blog, this is going to big a sum of everything we have been up to the last 2 months!!

Well I'll start off with the most important thing......Matt got his deer! His first ever doe and she was quite the doe! It was fun to see all of his time and hard work reaping a reward! He made a perfect shot, double lunging her!! She only went about 20 yards before she expired! You would think that would calm his craving but it has indeed only fueled the fire! He has continued to be diligent in his efforts in hopes to get his buck as well! He has had a lot of opportunities but has passed, he knows the "Big Daddy" is out's only a matter of time!

Matt and Dane with Matt's first doe! This is how the boys hauled her out...what rough and rugged men!
Here he is, as you can tell from Matt's face, this is probably pretty close to the best day of his life!
What a great feeling to know you won't starve and all because of a loving husband's dedication!

Unfortunately I have not had such luck with my hunting ventures. The first day of the season I was given the perfect opportunity.....only to blow it, twice! I had a deer within 20 yards but shot right over her back! I couldn't believe I missed...that is pretty embarrassing, but Matt was quick to lift me up and encouraged me to try again. So far I haven't been successful but the temperature has dropped and the deer are moving!! I have a few days left and I feel good!

Just call me Hunter Woman!
Just hangin' out in the tree stand!

I also had the opportunity to surprise Cass and visit Texas!! I got a phone call from Brad and he said he was going to his high school reunion and wanted to make it up to Cass by surprising her with me!! I was ecstatic and quickly agreed! He was so great, he made all of the arrangements: he told Cass that his old roommate was coming to visit and asked if she could drive the 2 hours to the airport to pick him up! Cass was very good and said she could do that!!

The day finally came and I couldn't wait. When I arrived I called Brad, who then called Cass to tell her where to pick up "Ryan", the old roommate. It was funny because Brad had found out what I was wearing and told Cass to look for the blonde girl in the black shirt because Ryan was right by her. Cass responded, "Well I can see that blonde girl but not Ryan". I had to really wave her down, she probably would have kept driving. When she finally realized what was happening all she could say was, "What is this?". It was such a fun weekend! We went to the outlet stores, th fair and rodeo, the pumpkin patch, and ended with a girl's night out, just Cass and me! It was so fun to see Cass, Brad, and those little kids! I was happy to have been received well by Brylie and Brody! We definately had a lot of fun together!! I loved seeing Cass and just spending time with her!!

Brody with the pumpkins!
Brad, Cass, the kids, and I at the Heart of Texas Rodeo!
Ahhh I love these little babies!
Us at the Pumpkin Patch!
Curious much?

Matt is half way done with this semester and all is going well! He hasn't been nearly as stressed as some of his other semesters......thank goodness! He will be totally done with all of his classes in December, with only an internship in the Winter to go!! We are excited and look forward to graduation! Work has been just fantastic! My team ended #1 for the month of September with a score of 398.4 out of 400! This was pretty awesome, especially being my first official month as a supervisor! This month has been a little crazier but my team continues to perform really well! It is tradition at the call center to decorate for Halloween and this year the theme was 'Movies'. My team chose the movie "Hocus Pocus" and if you were to see our area you would be very impressed. We have recreated the Sanderson Sister's Cottage, complete with the black flame candle and the spell book! I was given the task of making the spell book and have been very pleased with the final product! Friday is the big Halloween day at Melaleuca so I will keep you posted with contest results!!!

This is the final spell book! Pretty fun!

Matt and I are just dandy, as I've said before, we are probably having too much fun! But you won't hear us complain, we are loving it!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The CRAZY month of August!!

Matt and I have been so lucky this month!! It has definately been our month of travel!! We started our adventures on July 17th, when my parents, Abby, and Mac all came to our home!! We had a lot of fun that night and the next day at the Melaleuca picnic! We then headed down to Provo to attend the blessing of my new nephew, Cooper! Matt and I had to leave Sunday because finals were the next week, but after hearing of the exciting events that would be happening the next weekend in Panquitch, UT, we decided to head down for the 24th!! We had such a blast with my family!!! We got home only to prepare to leave 5 days later!!

July 31st, we set out to visit Matt's family in Seattle! After 2 quick flights and a 4 hour layover we finally made it to Seattle! Matt's entire immediate family were able to all get together for this mini Cahoon reunion!! We were able to stay busy in Seattle, hiking to Lake 22, seeing Harry Potter at the IMAX, visiting the Animal Grossology Exhibit at the Science Center, Fondue Night, flying kites downtown, and having a Flip Flops and Lemon Drops tea party with the girls while the boys went shooting!! It was such a blast to be all together for a few days!! We wish we could have stayed longer but we had yet another adventure to get to!!

Here we are hiking to Lake 22!
Matt and I on a bridge during the hike!
This is from the Animal Grossology Exhibit....hilarious exhibit!
Anyone for a treat?
Here we are in front of the Space Needle!
Don't I make quite a lovely insect?
How about Matt?
Here is the fabulous looking food at our Fondue Night!
Matt and I at Iron Works Park in front of Lake Union!!

August 7th, just 2 days after returning from Seattle, Matt and I were off to Boise for a river trip down Hell's Canyon with our good friends, Brannan and Brittany Hoover and his family!! This was the first time I had ever gone rafting and I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous!! I can report, though, that all went well and I might be a little bit addicted to the sport!! We cannot thank the Hoovers enough for inviting us and sharing their family tradition with us!! Not only that but they made us right at home while we were staying there!! How lucky we are to have such wonderful friends and family!! We have probably had too much fun in the last few weeks but are happy to be home and back to normal life!

Here is the whole gang right before we put into the river!
Matt and a small mouth bass he caught!
Brittany and I looking oh so fabulous!
Matt preferred to be out of the boat during the rapids!
Matt in fishing action!!
Brittany and Brannan looking for crawdads!
Here is Matt and Brannan with the huge catfish Matt snagged!!
Here we are on day 3!
This is when we were picking blackberries after we got off the river!
We scored a ton of oranges, soda, and chocolate milk!!
Here are the boys packing up all the soda and milk!!
A little Nacho Libre for ya!!
Matt's geared up and ready for war!
A big thanks to Wayne and Sandy Hoover for hosting and running the river trip!!

While we were on one of our many trips, Matt celebrated his 25th birthday!! It was actually a well celebrated birthday! We made Matt Hello Dollies, also known as Magic Bars, one of his favorite treats! We then went miniature golfing, where I proudly placed 3rd and Matt won!! It was really a good day and I think Matt enjoyed himself! I got his a funny Redneck game for the Wii and I believe he has decided on a GPS for his actual present!!

Miniature golfing for Matt's birthday!
Another picture of us at the golf course!!

After we got home from the river we were excited to have Cass, Brad, Brylie and Brody come to stay with us for a short visit!! It was a lot of fun to see how grown up both of these little guys were and to learn of the new little one on the way!! Everyone went for a walk up to the temple while I was at work and then, after a few rounds of Wii golf and bowling, we headed to the park to feed the ducks and run around!! We ended the evening with a fabulous dinner at Applebees! It was a lot of fun to spend a little time with the Gunnells!! Thanks for coming guys!!

Cute little Brody!
Brylie and her sunglasses!
Gunnells in front of the Rexburg Temple!
Here we are with the Gunnells!

We also celebrated our 2 year anniversary yesterday, the 22nd! As we reflected on the time that we have been married we both felt like it had been a lot longer, not in a negative way though! I think it probably had to do with how long we have known and dated each other! But we both were overwhelmed by how lucky we were to have found someone that fills the gaps in our lives. We were also overwhelmed by how blessed we were to have been married in the temple! Although we are still new to the whole marriage thing, we feel like we have a greater understanding of what marriage is really about because of the covenants we have made to each other and the Lord! I am so happy to have found Matt, he is such a wonderful man and I love him more and more everyday!!

Happy are we!

We are so blessed and grateful for this little life we have started together!