Sunday, July 12, 2009

4th of July and Summer Festivities!

Boy has time flown by for us here is Rexburg!! It is definatley because we are having so much fun!! The 4th of July was so much fun! We started the day off with the Rexburg Parade and it was there that we realized how much we like living in a smaller town!! The feeling of patriotism and excitement was literally felt the second you stepped out of the car!! I love parades, no matter how big or small, there is just something about them! After that we went home and got our picnic all put together!! We had an arrangement of fruit, veggies, pasta and treats!! We got together with Adam, Stephanie, Brannan and Brittany and headed down to Idaho Falls to the Festival and Freedom Celebration put on by Melaleuca!! This fireworks show was said the be 1 of the 3 best shows west of the Mississippi so I was super excited to check it out!! Lucky for us one of the girls I work with was working the Celebration and had an extra Family Pass to the reserved seating area!! We got some of the best seats there!!

Here are Matt and I!
Stephanie and Adam!
Brannan and Brittany!

After waiting in line for a good hour or so we headed in!! We had such a blast, eating junk food and playing cards with our friends!! And then the fireworks started!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE fireworks and they definately went to great lengths this year to make this show awesome!! I really enjoyed the commentary and music that went with it!! Normally you just watch the fireworks but the program they had going along with it made it so much more!!


I love this time of year, especially here in little Rexburg! It was a lot of fun, a long day for sure but definately not anything to complain about!!

Matt and I also had the opportunity to go to an Elk farm the other day!! Holy Cow!! Actually Holy Bulls because there were no was so awesome! We went back with friend of Matt's who feeds and cares for them! They were feeding them and we tagged along!! As lame as this may sound, I saw my first bull Elk in the wild, in person, this last Memorial day weekend and they were far away!! But this experience was amazing because you actually were right next to them!! You could touch them and everything! I didn't get any pictures and only 1 short video because I was so fascinated with them!! I stayed in the truck the whole time but Matt actually got to be out on the tractor! Of course Matt was in his little heaven, which was really fun to watch!!

Life has been really busy with work and school but I don't think we can complain at all! Matt is almost done with his 2nd to last semester, which he is VERY happy about!! I continue to love work! Melaleuca definately takes care of me! In a matter of 2 days last week I "won" a Playstation 3, an iPod Nano, and $50 to Target!! I have the greatest boss' who make sure that we feel appreciated for the work we do! Although I love my job and that is enough for me, I am really grateful for those that go the extra mile anyways!!

Ooooo Aaaaah!!
My fun prizes!

So if you think life for the Cahoons is crazy and exciting family will be here this week!!!!! I cannot wait!! Matt and I have been so excited to finally get to see family! Plus they get to see our little home, which is something that I have been waiting for!! We also get to go to the Melaleuca Picnic on Saturday...all of us!! And right after that we are heading to Utah to see Shay, Chelsea, Jonas, and little Cooper!! Boy are we excited!!