Monday, January 28, 2008

We will miss you!

With the passing away of President Hinckley we wanted to share our feelings about him. He has really been the prophet that has effected me the most because he has really been the only prophet I feel I really knew! I can truly say that I love him as a man and as a prophet. Never have I ever felt any doubt or had any disagreement with anything he has taught. He had an amazing way of showing his love for us as members as well as the gospel itself. I will greatly miss him but am excited about his reunion with his cute wife and our Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ. I am glad I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and I know that this is the true gospel of Christ.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

A New Do!

So I finally got the guts to cut my hair! Matt and I came down to Oregon for the weekend and I had my friend Tara do it, and I was very pleased! I thought I was going to be a lot more nervous but I didn't have much of a problem! Afterwards, Abby was so inspired we came right home and cut her hair as well! It was alot of fun cutting her hair!

Anyways, since we've been here we have had a lot of fun! Friday night we watched a movie and then Saturday we played, went to dinner at Ruby Tuesday, and then watched Disturbia with popcorn, both kettle and extra butter, and root beer floats! So far it has been fun here in Oregon and we hope to have an exciting day tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


As most of you know, some may not, Matt and I spent Christmas and New Years in San Blas, Mexico with his family and three uncles and their families. This has probably got to be one of the very best Christmas' I have ever had. On December 15 Matt and I drove to Portland to spend some time with my family and to welcome home Griffin from his mission in Brazil! It was super fun to see Griffin again after so long, he looked great! We then went to a beach house to play for a couple of days! It was fun to finally have the entire family there and to play and mingle! It's amazing how everyone has grown!! Matt and I had to leave the beach house a day early to meet his parents for the LONG drive to San Blas, Mexico!

The drive down wasn't as bad as I was expecting! We ended up driving all the way from Portland to Tuscan, AZ in one trip and met up with the Uncles and their families! We then drove another entire 24 hours to San Blas, arriving on Christmas Eve. I know you are all probably thinking 'crazy people' but once you see the pictures you will know that it was all absolutely worth it! The first thing we did after setting up camp was the beach!!! We played for probably an hour and then had to get out because funny enough a shark was hangin' out right there. We stayed on shore and watched it for maybe 30 minutes and then jumped right back in! I am glad to be one of those people that can say that I spent Christmas Eve on the warm beaches of Mexico! Christmas was awesome because it was totally about giving to others, our present was just being there! We were able to have a pinata in a teeny tiny town with all the little kids and they loved it! More so because they probably haven't ever seen so many gringos, considering our four families had between 30 to 40 people! We also gave out little bags of toys and games to little kids we saw on the streets and you wouldn't believe how excited they get over even the smallest gift.

It really humbled me and helped me to really appreciate things as simple as clean running water! San Blas isn't like Mazatlan or Puerto Vallerta, touristy and established, it is true Mexico, little houses, some made of sticks, and no english at all! It was a totally unique experience, one that Matt and I are wanting to continue to do! While we were there some of the things we did included hiking down a ravine to a fresh water pool thing complete with a beautiful waterfall, the crocodile farm, a jungle cruise through crocodile infested waters and at the end you get out and swim! Funny thing when we got to the end our boat driver told us that we could now get out and swim and play in the water and right after he said that he calmly said oh look another was literally 10 yds. away from where we could out and swim...comforting huh! Regardless we all jumped in and played in the water!

Basically Matt and I had an amazing first Christmas! This crazy adventure is definatley one that Matt and I are going to continue to do! Every 2 years or so! If we are lucky! It was fun to celebrate Christmas in a different country with different traditions! It was a great vacations!

Now Matt and I are in Redmond, WA working for winter semester while Matt is off! I am a nanny for the cutest little 3 month old boy, Jacob and Matt is looking to do an internship for his Construction Management degree! We are happy as can be, loving married life and doing great!