Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Lot of Catching Up To Do!!!

So I have been kind of a flake with updating our blog lately but I've been busy with life!! So to start off....about 3 weeks ago Matt and I went down to Portland to visit my awesome family!! We played a game called "Quelf", it was hilarious!! It was a fun weekend.

The following weekend me, Matt, and his sister Molly, all met up with our friend at the Evergreen Speedway!! Matt and I went here in high school when we were dating and loved it! Imagine a bunch of rednecks, then add school buses, boats, and a demolition derby.....and you get the Evergreen Speedway! It was hilarious and we enjoyed every little bit. Really its one of those things you'll never really know the beauty of it until you go!!

That next Monday, we went to a place called Paint Away and painted cereal bowls! It was super fun and we were pretty excited with how they turned out!! I am sure you can all guess which one is Matt's bowl and which one is mine..!

So last weekend I flew to Utah to be with my sister Cass, my niece Brylie, and new little nephew Brody, while my brother in law was in Texas!! It was quite the adventure! First, I missed my plane there and had to come back to the airport the next day at 4:30 a.m., then when I get there we all got sick!! It was still a lot of fun and I loved seeing my niece and two little nephews!

Last of all it was super hard to leave Washington this past weekend!! I got so attached to little Jacob (I was a nanny) and it was really hard to leave him! But all is well! Matt and I moved to Rexburg, ID this past weekend so Matt can start school again!! The 12 hour drive from Seattle was actually not bad at all!! We talked and laughed the whole time which made the drive go by really fast!!

When we got here we were a little nervous about our apartment because we hadn't seen it, since we had to do everything over the phone!! BUT we were pleasantly surprised! It is definately dated but huge compared to our old little apartment, we get to paint it however we want so the ugly floral wallpaper in the kitchen will not stay long!! We are happy and are actually really glad to be back here in Rexburg!! We are really happy and are definately loving life!!