Sunday, November 9, 2008

And we are back again...alive and well!!

So I am embarrassed that we have gone an entire month since last posting a blog! We have been so crazy lately, between school and work and the hunting season, we pretty much lost any extra time!! But things have seemed to calm down for us just a little!! Unfortunately we were not successful in our first hunting season!! At first we were really bummed because we put A LOT of time in but after looking back at all of the adventures we had it was definately worth it!! Life is going well for Matt and I! We are constantly having fun and keeping busy!! Matt is cruising through school and I am very proud of him for stickin' with it!! I love going to work which is not usually what most people say about their jobs! But I work with a lot of really fun people!! Rexburg has continued to treat us well! It is starting to really get cold which is not something I am looking forward to!! We bought plastic window sealers to help save some money in the winter and I am happy to report that they seem to be doing really well!! We are happy and will definately do a better job keeping everyone updated!! For now enjoy a little collection of memories!!

We have these huge plum and apples trees in the yard...this was our way of picking plums!
Plum picking!
This is me, all camo'd up!! It was so pretty up here!
We saw a ton of deer, they were all does and fawns though.....nothing we could shoot!
Doin' a little homemaking with cute little Alex!!
This is what we did for FHE one week, do we totally seem like rednecks?!?
Matt and his lone duck!
This is me enjoying the end result of our Family Home Evening activity!!
Matt and Trevor...happy little boys!!
I just thought this was a cute picture!
This was up Green was super cold but super pretty!!