Monday, March 30, 2009

Craziness In The Cahoon Home!

So the other night Matt was dying to go fishing so I said why not! We didn't have any plans and I thought that would allow me some quality chick flick time! Little did I know, while out fishing Matt had arranged for an unexpected guest to come home with him! Now being married to Matt, I've pretty much come to expect any and everything, he being so adventurous and all, but this was definately NOT expected!

Matt and his porcupine!

Matt in all his glory!

After a few hours of what I thought was fishing, Matt walked into the house accompanyed by oh ya know......a huge PORCUPINE! Freshly hunted, shot, and skinned! What a perfect addition to our already skinned raccoon, beaver, jack rabbit, rattlesnake, and squirrel. He was pretty excited and immediately began to plan out what he was going to do with it! Oh that boy!

In other news, we got some venison (deer meat) from some friends and cooked it up! It was good, I was a little worried about under cooking it, silly I know, so I ended up over cooking it just a tish! We got more from Matt's buddy so next time it will be perfect!

This is our venison meal!

We are getting excited for the spring, even though Rexburg can't figure out whether or not it wants to proceed to that point! We had an awesome day 2 Saturdays ago and then yesterday we were smashed by snow and 50 mph winds! It was yucky driving to work today and I totally expected freezing cold temperatures and snowy roads when I got off work but to my delightment the sun was shining and the snow was gone! WHEW! Let's just hope it stays this way!

We are happy and crazy as ever!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Catching Up!

Holy Cow how time flies!!! I have loggod on to our blog a numerous amount of times but just never had the time to actually create a new post!! So we are going to sum the last month up for you the best we can!!

First and foremost, Matt's life is complete!! After a long wait, Matt's brand new 2009 Martin Cheetah bow has arrived!! I cannot even begin to tell you have funny it has been to watch as Matt patiently and not so patiently waited for his little goody to arrive! He was literally like a little boy on Christmas morning when we finally got it! Within 2 minutes of having it in our house, he had it unboxed, unwrapped and set up!! It definately made it worth it to see how excited he was! So I have included below pictures of the treasured bow as well as the little boy it belongs to!

The happy little boy!

So the bow was Matt's exciting news and my exciting news came rather quick and unexpected! So there was a supervisor at work that was pregnant and there had been talk of me possibly taking over her team when she left on LOA, well 2 weeks ago I went into work and got an email that Amanda had had her baby early...10 weeks early! So my supervisor and I were pulled into the manager's office and they informed us that I would be taking over for Amanda as supervisor and that Chris (my supervisor) would have to find a new team lead! Holy Canoly! After a few days of holy cowness, I finally got settled and have, so far, loved being the supervisor!

The Crazy Cahoons!

Other than that we have pretty much just been the same! Matt has been able to float the river a few times and of course loves every bit of it! We have also had the opportunity to watch our good friend, Jessica's little boy! He loves Matt and totally brightens our day! We love that baby!!

This is Matt on his pontoon boat!

This is Matt and Adrian!

Life is good!