Friday, November 30, 2007

Late Night with the Keefes!!

Whoever said late nights playing Nintendo stopped when you get married was clearly misinformed! As you can see from the pictures the Cahoons and the Keefes don't let little things like school, studying, and a bedtime keep them from doing the really important things, important things like "Gauntlet Legends".

Here are pictures of us at, yes, 1:00 AM on Friday morning playing nintendo 64! We are well into the third hour of this game, and this is the second go 'round, so in all actuality its really the fifth or possibly sixth hour of this game. Stephanie and I spent the time very differently then the boys, I finished the last Harry Potter book and Stephanie finished all of her homework! Though I am sure we are all going to suffer come tomorrow morning, we have all had an extremely exciting night together. We first started with a couple intense games of Hoopla followed by the first attempt at Gauntlet Legend, then a brief trip to Walmart and then back home for round number 2 of Gaunlet Legend! Life as you can see doesn't end at marriage and we are glad to have good friends, Adam and Stephanie, who see it the same way we do!!! For those who care, it is now 1:40 AM and the boys are still going strong!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Well this past week was a great escape from the everyday life of school! Matt and I went down to Provo the sunday before Thanksgiving to spend some time with Cassidy and Brad, Shay and Chelsea, and the little babies. We were there until Thursday morning and then we met up with the Cahoon side of Matt's family. We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and ended the night with a big game of tornado, or lightening, whatever you call it.

The next day we headed to Camp Tracy to a lodge there to begin the festivities with the Sorensen side of the family! It was really fun, big, much different then I am used to but I enjoyed it!! We are so grateful for such wonderful families! Matt and I were talking the other day about how close we are to our families and how fortunate we are to have such strong relationships! We love being close enough to at least some of our families, and we can't wait for a couple weeks when we will be going to Oregon to see Griffin and then off to Mexico with Matt's family for Christmas!! We wish that we could be close to our families all of the time but are grateful we are lucky enough to see them as often as we do!! We are including a bunch of pictures and we are going to try to put up some of our videos, we hope you enjoy!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007


So for all those who know Matt you know that he is a fly fishing fanatic!! Every time he catches a fish his goal for the next fish gets even bigger! So on friday Matt met his match and one the biggest trout he has ever gotten in his entire life!! It was a 5 lb. 23 1/2 inch yellowstone cut throat! He was pretty stoked about it! It is funny because we have a picture of him with his former big cut throat and it is nothing compared to this last one!! I see this fish as a blessing from Heavenly Father because at the beginning of the day Matt had a rough time at class. When I picked him up the first thing he said was "I am going fishing today!" So being the good wife I am I let him go out with his fishing buddy!! They had fished for close to most of the day and hadn't gotten anything!! The monster was caught on the last cast Matt threw out, pretty amazing!!!

As for me, the only exciting news I have is that on Saturday, as I was so generously giving of my plasma, I got all weird and wuzzy!! No worries I didn't pass out and I wasn't the only one. I had only seen probably 2 people get sick at the Plasma Center the entire time I've been going but on Saturday there were about 6 of us that all got sick at the same time as well as the passing out of one girl! It was pretty exciting!! Anywho, the Cahoons are fabulous, way excited for the holidays and the end of the semester!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

We are still alive!!

Yes we are still here!!! We didn't realize how long it had been since we last updated our blog. Our October was just fantastic! I had a fun time decorating our apartment for Halloween. You will see from the pictures that although we had very little to work with we did a pretty good job! We went with our buddy Scott to a the Haunted Mill a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed freaking ourselves out. We took video while we were in there, they are totally dark but the audio is really the most exciting thing anyways. Last friday Matt had the opportunity to go Steelhead Salmon fishing with a friend of his who just happens to be a professional guide. They left early early Friday morning and didn't get home until late that night. They caught a lot of white fish and sucker fish but no steelhead. Matt was a little disappointed but from talking to others that were there it seemed that really no one caught any. Matt was still thrilled, after all he was fishing and that has become one of Matts loves.

This past weekend was fun packed. First we went and shot a bunch of guns with our friends Adam, Stephanie, and Dave. Some of the guns were an AK47, a 22, and a semi-automatic shotgun. We had loads of fun blowing away milk jugs, pop cans, and pumpkins. Next we met up with our buddies Parker and Char at Craigo's Pizza, ate some food and talked. Then that night we went to a concert, "Sounds of the Crooked Road", with Carolyn and it was quite the concert. This group was from Virginia and they were true blue hillbillies. I think that is what made it so awesome! After the concert we had to rush to a Halloween party some of our friends were throwing. Because we had to go strait there from the concert, our costumes had to be creative. I found a funny witch mask and a cape at the dollar store and Matt used all of his creative power and went as a leaf blower. His costume consisted of him and a hat with leaves dangling on the front. He definately won the award for originality.

Also since the cat has mostly been let out of the bag, Matt and I got a motorcycle. Don't worry it was wicked cheap, I made sure of that, but now that its ours we are realizing that we really got a steal of a deal. The bike runs awesome, we did replace the battery but other than that its fault free. It is a 1978 Yamaha XS 500, and not bad looking. Matts goal is to turn it into what is called a "cafe racer", they are actually pretty sweet. So he is definately a happy husband which in turn makes me a happy wife.

Married life has been everything and more than what we expected. We have gotten used to the idea pretty quickly. We are doing great here in ole Rexburg, really we are loving every minute of it.