Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Day Weekend!

Boy was it quite the weekend!! Matt and I were happy to have Spencer and HUGE SURPRISE Molly visit us this past weekend!! It was so fun to be with family because it doesn't happen too often!

On Friday we headed over to pick up Spencer and when we found him he asked if we could give this girl that he'd met a ride back to her apartment! Of course we were more than happy to and when she walked over to get in the car........IT WAS MOLLY!!! We were so excited for this fun surprise!! We all squished in the car..Matt, Paige, Molly, Spencer, and Carolyn....and hurried back to our place to get ready for our "Redneck Party"! It was a blast making the necessary preparations for our party..we even got a "Hillbilly" pizza to get us in character!

The party was a hit, we enjoyed the country delicacies of le Poo-poo Platter and a roadkill Porcupine cake, topped off with a Root Beer Kegger!
Porcupine Roadkill Cake...mmmm!
Le Poo-poo Platter, complete with a John Deere Tractor!
Nothing like a kegger!
We then participated in some good ole redneck games: Pin the Rattail on the Mullet Man, You Might Be a Redneck If... Game, design your own mullet, and Charades..redneck style! It was such a blast and we owe a huge thank you to Carolyn who was the main woman behind the party planning! You are so fun and creative!
This is Molly pinning on her rattail! We had loads of pictures so I just chose one but if anyone is wondering we do have the other pictures!
This is the "You Might Be A Redneck If.." game that Matt was so lucky to get for Christmas!
Just a couple of redneck broads! You girls looked awesome!

Saturday we woke up and had a fabulous breakfast of fruit and heart shaped waffles! Then we were off to the hillsides to go shooting!! No this was not a continuation of our Redneck party, this is simply the life I live being married to Matt!! A life that I actually really really love! Matt was excited to shoot his new Rough Rider Pistol (Valentine's gift..the spoiled little booger) and share all of his toys with his siblings!! We all took our turns on the guns and had a blast!

This is me shooting our Rough Rider Pistol!
Matt and Carolyn with the Ruger!

Molly got most of the pictures while we were shooting so as soon as we get those from her we will post them!

Later on we all went to a Thai restaurant here in Rexburg and it was delicious! I got the yellow curry, which turned out to be a little too spicy for me, but Matt was more that willing to make the ole switcheroo (he's a spicy man)! So I was able to enjoy his meal while he downed mine! We ended the night with a movie and a lot of laughs! Sunday we had a FANTASTIC Indian meal prepared by Spencer and enjoyed each others company!

What a fun weekend! One that Matt and I were definately sad to have come to and end! But we were so excited that we were able to have visitors and we can't thank Molly, Spencer, and Carolyn for providing us with a lot of fun! We love you guys!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Tribute to My Daddy!

My dad's birthday was on Monday and I just love him so much and I thought he was well deserving of a little tribute! It was always weird to me when my friends would say that they couldn't wait to get out of the house, or it was weird to just be with their parent, especially their dads! I have always been able to share anything with my dad.....even the girly stuff!! Though he probably didn't necessarily love to sit and listen, he always did and he never made me feel stupid or embarrassed!!

I have so many memories with my dad and I am so grateful that I have been blessed to have him in my life! He has always had my family's best interest in mind and has worked extremely hard to provide us with a good life! Well Dad, I can say that you have definately given me a choice life! You have always been there for me whenever I have needed someone to talk to, someone to cry to, or just someone to hug!

I hope that each day when you look in the mirror you are able to see the wonderful man that I see, the good friend that you are, and the loving father you will always be!

I love you so much!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Matt's New Hobbie and Happy Birthday Brylie!!!

The other day I got a message on my phone and it was Matt informing me that he was on his way to Jackson to go snowmobiling with a friend!! As much as I love my job, I can honestly say that I was wishing I hadn't had to work that day...that would have been a blast!! Now this may not seem like a big thing but for Matt it was!! You see Matt had never been on a snowmobile in his whole life and coincidentally we just happened to be talking about how he needed to try it earlier in the week!! When I called to see what he was doing he was ecstatic!! For all of you who know Matt, he LOVES any kind of adventure and he had just discovered a new one!!!

Him and Scott had an awesome day, full of exciting trips with the snowmobile!! They didn't get home until later that night and immediately had to put all of the pictures and videos on the computer so I could see!! It was so much fun to see how excited Matt was and to listen to their little stories!!

A big thanks to Scott for inviting him to go!! You have definately made a big fan out of Matt!! I look forward to going with them next time!!

As a little update...Matt started his intership this week working for the same company he did over the summer break!! Thank heavens Matt's boss loves him because we were having quite the time finding him an intership!!! And we can't express how grateful we are to her for taking him on, especially with work being slower these days!! Matt enjoys working with her so it turned out perfect!! I am still at Melaleuca and cannot express how much I love my job!! I don't think I have ever had a day go by where I dreaded going to work!! How lucky we are to be so blessed!!

We wanted to say Happy Birthday to our favorite little niece!! We love you Brylie and miss you tremendously!!