Monday, December 10, 2007

The First Real Snow!

So we've had our share of little snow flutters here in Rexburg but nothing ever stayed around long enough to call it real snow!! But last night it seems Jack Frost was busy as a bee! It started late last night and never let up! We got about 4 or so inches last night and it is still going strong at 8:15 this morning!! We were kind of hoping to get out of here before any of that hit us but now that it's here I am kind of glad! It's been so long since I really have had any snow and its kind of a breath of fresh air! Matt, I am sure, probably doesn't feel quite as excited as I do about it but hopefully, if packing up doesn't keep us too busy, we'll be able to get out there and play a little bit!!

Yesterday Matt and I finally got around to eating all the fish in our freezer! Us, Dave and Yadira, Ken and Pam, and Scott, all got together last night for our first and last Fish Fry! Yadira and I filleted the fish, 3 in total equal approx. 10 lbs, and then added dill, fresh garlic, salt and pepper, fresh lime juice, and cajan pepper! We then broiled it and man was it delicious!! It easily fed 7 people with some left over. It was fun to spend some time with friends, espescially Dave and Yadira because this is Dave's last semester and then they are off to his internship and real life! It's sad to know that we won't be able to see them as much but as close as Matt and Dave are I'm sure we'll see them every once in a while, hopefully!!

Well we are on our last week here and it is kind of overwhelming since it arrived so quickly!! I have never had the responsibility to pack up all by myself before so it's been a totally new experience! Matt hasn't been able to help a whole lot because finals are among us and we want all his focus to be on those! But he has definately helped me out with little things as he can which has helped me tremendously! Now it's really time for me to crack down and get it done, that will be interesting since there is a ton of snow outside and we need to get more boxes and man it sounds exciting! Matt and I are really excited about moving and being back in the Northwest for awhile! Plus from Friday on it's pretty much play, play, play for us! We are heading up to Seattle on Friday and then to Portland on Saturday night and we'll be there until the 21st! We then meet up with Matt's family to begin our three day drive to San Blas, Mexico! I am so excited to be going to real Mexico, I have been there once but it was only Ensenada, which is barely over the border!! Plus the place we are going is out in the middle of nowhere so it'll be a brand new experience for me!

That is pretty much the life of Matt and Paige Cahoon! We are doing well and are loving being married and enjoying everything that comes with it!