Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Very Merry WHITE Christmas!!

Well I thought that leaving Idaho and going to Oregon for Christmas would mean that we would avoid driving in snow.........I WAS DEFINATELY WRONG!! We actually chose the perfect days to travel and arrived in Oregon right before the big storm!! There was definately plenty of snow when we arrived and with a little work our little car made it up my parents gigantic hill!! The next morning we woke up to our car buried in snow!!

This is what we thought we left behind in Idaho......this never happens in Oregon!!

We managed to dig it out and do a little last minute Christmas shopping!! Unfortunately our car wasn't able to make it back up the hill so it spent the entire vacation parked at the bottom!!

We brought our Wii with us and had a blast dukin' it out!! Dad and Grif testing their boxing skills.....hilarious!!

Basically Abby was crazy, I do believe she won the match though!

Although our little snow in was unexpected we definately had a blast with it!! How blessed we were to have been able to make it up to Oregon!!! Christmas was fabulous because we were together as a family..well half a family!!

Me and my little baby Oscar!!

Cute mommy!

Uh well not much to say about this pic.....but man do I love the guy!!

My little baby boy!!!!

There's nothing like a nice bowl of mac 'n cheese when you are snowed in!!

My cute baby sister!!

What awesome parents I have....lucky me!!

Matt and Griffin

Big sister and little brother!! Grif you are a stud!

It definately went by WAY to fast and we could have easily stayed for another week!!

And this is what we came home to!! We made it the entire way home without using our cables and then when we were literally 75 feet from our door we got stuck.....figures!!!

I love this season and although the actual holiday is over, I am going to draw it out for as long as I possible!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas from Us!

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Another Semester Finished!!

Matt is officially done with Fall '08 semester and we couldn't be happier!! It was a loaded semester, 17.5 credits, but Matt was a trooper and made it through!! I am so proud of his hard work and for managing such a heavy schedule!! This upcoming year is his last and I know he is definately looking forward to it!!

So with the end of school came the real beginning to a cold cold winter!! We got our first real official dump of snow the past couple of days and it is only to get worse!! The snow really isn't that bad...its how darn cold it is here!! This will be the first winter that Matt and I actual man here in Rexburg!! We are already freezing and everyone is saying to just wait!! This worries us a little, as of right now our only source of heat in our apartment is our small Walmart space heater! Unfortunately, because our apartments are so old we have to old floor heaters that suck the energy!!! Therefore, it is too expensive for us to run those heaters!!

So far we have managed quite well but with the temperatures dropping we are starting to wonder if only one space heater will be enough!! I guess the good that has come from this is that I am a whole heck of a lot more tolerant of the cold!! For all those that know me, I am NOT a cold person!! I absolutely hate being cold, but because it is unavoidable here my body has had to adapt!! Which has actually been a huge blessing!!

Other than a little worry about the coming winter, Matt and I are doing very well!! I continue to enjoy work and Matt has had a good time with school and his after school activities (of which I am sure you can all guess)! We are extremely excited for Christmas and the opportunity we have to be going to Oregon to spend it with my family!! I cannot even wait!! It will be nice to have a break from real life and be able to enjoy some quality Allen time!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

And A Fantastic Thanksgiving It Was!!

Matt and I were so lucky to be able to go to Utah for Thanksgiving to attend the infamous Cahoon and Sorensen reunions!! It was so fun to get to see Matt's family and to spend a little time with Shay, Chelsea, Jonas, and Grif!! I was lucky enough to get the entire week off and Matt also had the whole week off from school so it was a good long vacation!!

The first couple of days we spent in Provo with the few Allens in Utah!! We had such a blast just hanging out and being Aunt and Uncle to cute little Jonas, who we absolutely could not get enough of!!

And then it was off to spend the rest of the week with Matt's family!! On Thanksgiving day we went to the Cahoon Thanksgiving dinner where we enjoyed a fun little family talent show and I totally dominated in the traditional game of Bump or Tornado or Lightening...whatever you may call it!! The next day we headed up to the Camp Tracy Lodge to experience something that no one has ever experienced unless they have attended the Sorensen Bash!! We started off with a delicious breakfast...which is Grandpa Sorensen's favorite!! It was such an exciting day!! The highlights definately have to be the Family Musical Chairs, which generally ends with a mangled mess formally known as a chair!! I was super stoked to be the winner of the 20 and older group!!! Now many of you may not know what a huge accomplishment is but let me tell you, if you win one of these you are definately remembered!! So I was happy to be the lucky one!! Also the Chocolaholic Frolic definately is a favorite...this involves lots and lots of chocolate!! Yum! And then of course the Parade of the Uncles as well as the family skits!! It was definately a fun filled day!!

Saturday we went with Matt's family to the Body Exhibit which was TOTALLY awesome, if any of you have the opportunity I would definately recommend it!! After that we walked around Temple Square and then ended the evening with dinner at Noodles and our Christmas exchanges....in which Matt and I definately got the best presents: The "You Might Be A Redneck If... Game as well as the voluptuous woman...pictures to come!!!

All in all it was a fantastic week and we were sad to leave!! But thank heavens we are sealed and stuck for eternity!!! Matt and I feel so blessed to have such wonderful families and we love to spend time with them!! And Mom and Dad I CANNOT WAIT for Christmas with you!!! Wahoo!!

As soon as we get more pics from family we will definately post more!!