Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Adventures of the Cahoons...Episode 1

So our lives are constantly full of crazy adventures, thanks to my oversized child of a husband. We have so much fun and Matt has so much energy we just never slow down, I was thinking our lives would make a pretty awesome movie!

Our latest adventure is a story about 2 little boys, 2 little bows, and a whole lot of fish! It takes place in the dry beds of Rigby, Idaho last Friday. It just happened to be a beautiful spring feelng day and we felt like having a little bit of fun! So we gave our good friends Brannan and Brittany Hoover a call! They were definately up for an exciting day so we gathered our necessary belongings, packed up the car, and headed out for some fun!

When we arrived the "2 little boys" grabbed their "2 little bows" and head down to the river bottoms to do themselves a little fishin'! Yes bowfishing is correct! It's amazing how you seemed to be drawn to the people that you absolutely 100% click with! Not only do Matt and Brannan share their child like love and excitement for the outdoors and extreme sports, Brittany and I have a blast laughing and talking about OTHER NON-HUNTING OR FISHING topics while the boys are busy!

Matt drawing back!
Matt's first snag!

We had so much fun watching these guys attempt and sometimes succeed in their game of bow fishing! I attempted to pull out the fly rod and cast a few out there but by the time I got there the boys had already made their presence known and there was no way that amateur me would ever have a chance. Brittany and I rooted on our husbands until it got a little too chilly for us, then it was off to the car for some non-fishing non-hunting girl talk! Matt and Brannan were in little boy heaven! They ended up snagging 6 fish, all of which were of very approving size!

Matt and Brannan, 2 little happy boys!

We ended the night cooking up some of the fish and hanging out at the Hoover's! Totally fun day and we are glad we have friends like Brittany and Brannan who are crazy enough to allow us to be our crazy selves.

Saturday was a very good day! No better way to start the day then to listen to our prophets and apostles! The first two sessions of conference were awesome!! During the Priesthood session, Brittany and I rented the movie "What Happens In Vegas", which I was honestly a little nervous about! Surprisingly, the movie was pretty clean, thanks to our Clearplay we were able to get rid of the bad language and just when you think bad stuff is going to doesn't!! Thank heavens! So I liked the movie, probably more so because there could have been a lot of crude stuff in it that wasn't! After Priesthood session, we met up with Adam and Stephanie and went to Applebees for a little date. Afterwards we all met up with Chris and JJ! We played the XBOX 360 and watched The Pacifier! It was a lot of fun to get together with these guys...we haven't all done stuff for a while so it was nice to see them!

Sunday was just as fabulous as Friday and Saturday! The third and fourth sessions of conference were just as amazing as the first two! We learned a lot and are definately grateful for the opportunity we had to watch! After conference it was so nice outside that us and the Hoovers went on a nice walk! We walked around beautiful Rexburg, Idaho and enjoyed good conversation. When we got back Brittany and I made an amazing homemade BBQ Chicken pizza, I guess I should give all the credit to Brittany, all I did was cut up the chicken and onions. It was her recipe and man was it good! After stuffing ourselves with deliciousness we played cards until the wee hours!! We had so much fun and literally laughed until we were told to be quiet!!