Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Our Camping Adventures!

So we had yet another adventure...this time it was a camping adventure!! Two weekends ago Matt and I, along with our friends Brittany and Brannan, headed up towards Mesa Falls to do a little camping! When we got there we hiked a little ways in only to end up in one of the best camping spots ever! It was this little piece of land that jutted just a little...right on the river!

The guys thought it was perfect because fishing was just a skip away and the girls loved it because of how beautiful it was! It was so much fun setting up camp and cooking up an amazing dinner! Brittany was the fabulous cook and we definately did not eat like we were on a camping trip! We had chicken, mushrooms, onions, green peppers...and some other yummy things all marinaded in italian dressing. Then it was cooked over the fire, I don't know about you but food totally tastes better cooked over a fire!

Matt and Brannan had fun hunting and fishing while Brittany and I treated ourselves to a little girl talk! The weekend was so much fun and to top if off we stopped and ate at Big Jud's! Nothing like a huge burger, fries, and a milkshake to complete a camping weekend! We totally ate more than we needed but I don't think any one of would say that we regretted it!! It was awesome food and we were satisfied! It was such a blast and we really enjoyed ourselves!

As now for a quick Cahoon update: Matt just got his bear bait pile set up and is anxious to get his first bear ever with his bow. Most of his time is dedicated to his bow, hunting, and fishing! I love how much he enjoys himself and probable lets him play a little too much sometimes! But I love seeing how excited he gets and how much fun he has...how can you not let a little boy play with his toys? As for me, I am just happy! Work is really really good and I have loved being the supervisor! My team is #2 out of every single team! It has been such a good experience for me and I have loved working with my associates to help them accomplish the goals they have!

The Cahoons are just wonderful, happy as ever! We will hit our 1 year and 9 month wedding anniversary this month, which really isn't a huge amount of time but was just satisfying to think about! There really is nothing better than being able to live, play, and spend eternity with your best friend, and we are grateful for the opportunity!