Sunday, July 20, 2008

Melaleuca Picnic!!

So this last weekend turned out to be really really fun!! On Saturday Matt and I went to a work picnic, the Melaleuca Picnic, and it was amazing how big it was!! Each day I learn more about the company that I work for and the big wig behind it and I am so impressed by how well he treats his employees. At the picnic they gave away 25 Wii's, trampolines, bikes, tents, a Carribean cruise, a trip to Disneyland...ya know just a few small prizes!!!!

This is me with 1 of I think 10 fully roasted pigs...they were amazing!!
This is Matt and I with our good friends Trevor and Emily Perkes!! I look kinda stinky, I wasn't ready for the pic!!

Here we are again!!

Matt and I won a $40 giftcard to both the Texas Roadhouse Grill and Jakers, a nice grill as well. Plus we won 2 tickets to the movies!!! They had unlimited food, cotton candy, snow cones, soda, basically anything you wanted they had. We played some volleyball and hung out with friends. It was super fun and I can honestly say that I really like my job! So since we were already in Idaho Falls and we don't go out there too often because of gas prices, we made Saturday our date night as well!! We went and saw the movie Iron Man, which we loved, and then we went to Jakers and were able to get $20 meals each....wahoo!!! We really had a fun time together!!

These are the cute girlies on my team at work! Meagan, Amanda, me, and Tina

Other than that, Matt finished his last final on Friday, passing every single one of his classes. I was so proud of him and his diligence with school!! This semester he managed 17.5 credits...which is a huge work load. But there were very few times he complained and even then it really wasn't that bad. I am glad that he as come so far and it will be a nice little break for him! Work is going great with me. I am now acting as Team Lead while our actually Team Lead is out on maturnity leave. This may not seem to be that big of a deal but I have only been there for a little over two months, so for me it was a HUGE deal!! But I like the responsibility, it reminds me of managing the beauty supply, before it went all corporate, back when it was fun!!

Me and my cute husband on our little date!!

We are going horse back riding this weekend and I can't wait. Matt has never been on a horse before and I can't wait for him to have that experience. I love it and I am sure he will. So stay tuned for those fun pictures!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Our 4th of July Weekend!

So this past holiday weekend was super fun...the one thing we forgot to do was take very many pictures!!! We were so busy playing we just didn't think about it!!! Friday we got together with our good friends, Angel and Jessica, and we had a yummy breakfast!! Then it was off to the river to play!! When we got there Jessica and I were the tough chicks...jumping into the freezing cold water first!!! It took the guys WAY longer to finally make the jump!!

Here Jessica and I show the boys how it's done!

This is Matt and Angel FINALLY jumping into the river, I took 3 videos before they actually made the plunge!!

This is cute little Adrian (Angel and Jessica's little boy) in his giant swim diaper! This is Jess and I making the plunge! This is Matt jumping into the river!! Then we headed to Rigby Lake and played there until it was late!!! After Rigby Lake we to the Rexburg Temple grounds to watch all of the fireworks around the area!! It was a ton of fun just relaxing and hanging out!!! Saturday we had a huge water balloon capture the flag war where the girls KICKED BUTT!!! We did a girls vs. boys and they totally thought it was going to be a piece of cake.....they were wrong and ended up losing!!! We seriously are so exhausted because we have been playing constantly since then!!! Sunday we got together with Angel and Jessica again and had dinner!! Then us girls made an AMAZING dessert...our own version of Strawberry Shortcake!!! It was super delicious!! Here we are in the process of making our dessert and then the final product and no Jessica is not flipping us off, that just happened to be the finger she was licking at the time!! Pretty good for made up huh!! I also wanted to show this picture of Matt and Adrian!! Matt is so good with little kids and it was super cute because Adrian zonked on Matt's shoulder!! It was a really fun weekend and we are so glad to have such good friends to go and play with!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Did we fall off the face of the Earth....Nope!

So I realized that it has been forever since I last updated our blog!!! I have been super busy and then when I get some down time I am so pooped I don't want to do anything!! Anywho!! So two weeks ago Matt and I went down to California to the Cahoon Family Reunion at Disneyland!! We were so excited that we were able to make the trip!! We got there Wednesday night and crashed...then on Thursday we swarmed the beach and had a blast!! There some pictures from the beach....we don't have pictures from Disneyland yet, we lost our camera the day of Disneyland so we had to use other peoples cameras and therefore we don't have those pictures at this point!! We need to just email people but then again I am lazy!! But we really had a blast! I went to California Adventure for the first time and I loved it!! We had a crazy experience on the Tower of Terror.....the ride stopped in the middle of the action and they escorted some girl off the ride.....we have no idea was super crazy but we did get to ride it twice so that was a bonus!!! It was really fun spending time with the Cahoons!! I am so lucky to have married into such an awesome family.....I come from an awesome family and I married into an awesome family! What a spoiled little brat I am :P!!!

Jake, me, Matt, Jann, and Grandma Cahoon

This is me in front of California Adventure!

Things are going well for Matt and I here in Rexburg!! I won $250 buck a roos at work for selling a lot of specials and Matt was able to get his shotgun!!! So now he is as happy as a little boy in mud!!! I am glad that he has these little hobbies to keep us entertained!! I have yet to decide how to spend that $250, I am such a cheap I put it straight in the bank but I am determined to spoil myself just a little!! We'll see if that really happens!!! So this is our update.....tomorrow is the 4th of July and we have some pretty exciting plans!! My work puts on a huge fireworks show in Idaho Falls, it is said to be the biggest firework show west of the Mississippi so we'll take tons of pictures!!!!!