Monday, March 31, 2008

A Little Face Lift For Our Blog!!

So I thought that it was time to be done with the St. Patricks Day background and on to a more Springy background! Although we haven't had too much sun so far, I can still see a glimmer of Spring around!! So for an update on Matt and I, we are doing fantastic!! We hopefully have secured a place to live in Rexburg since the last two places we signed contracts and paid deposits for overbooked and kicked us to the curb!! So in a desperate search we settled on a place that is close to campus, cheaper that the others, but we have no idea what it looks like! I would be lying if I said that didn't worry me a bit but oh well, what do you do! All I know is that there is new carpet, its supposedly spacious, 2 bedrooms, AND my favorite thing....we can paint it however we like and they will pay for it! So I am excited but not getting too attached yet, hopefully it won't fall through!!!

Happy Birthday Mommy!!

I had to publish a little tribute to the best mom ever!! It is a day late because I was with her yesterday and didn't have time! I am so glad that I have been blessed with a mother that I can rely on 100% of the time! I never have ever felt stupid or silly when I talked to her about anything, even if it was stupid and silly! She is a wonderful person who is always thinking of others and what she can do for them instead of the other way around!! I only hope that I will be the same with my own children some day!! I love you infinity and beyond!!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy St. Patricks Day!!

I know we are a little late but I wanted to share pictures of our St. Patricks Day dinner! Although I didn't remember it was actually St. Patricks Day, I was reminded when I got home and we were able to have a wonderful dinner!! In the morning, Matt's mom had gotten the cereal Lucky Charms and we had that with green milk! Then that night we had Shepards Pie with green mashed potatoes, green sprite, green jello clovers, and green salad with green dressing. It was a fun dinner and we are excited for Easter this weekend! Hopefully we will be able to update our blog sooner rather then later!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Snow Shoeing Fun!

Last Saturday was Matt's dad's birthday so Matt, me, Molly, Matt's parents, and Andrea all went snow shoeing to celebrate! This was my first time ever snow shoeing and it was a blast! It is kind of a weird thing, I thought it was going to be a lot harder but it actually turned out to be really easy! We met up our guide and the rest of the group in a little lodge/shop and while we were waiting we found some interesting things. Andrea was pretty excited about the little stuffed animals, she is an avid beanie baby collector, and Matt, Molly, and I found humor in the book section!

It was fun to be in the snow and to play around plus it is always so beautiful up here, and to be out in the trees it only made it better! When we were out there our guide was saying that they had about 10 feet of snow there, so we were 10 feet above ground! It was super cool to know that we were that high up! It was a nice little tour, we mostly goofed off, threw snowballs, and tried to white wash each other.

After we were done with the snow shoeing we went back to the car and had hot chocolate and whipped cream, we got a little carried away with that as well! All in all we had a fun day! We were totally exhausted by the time we were home so it was nice to eat dinner and then snuggle up and watch the movie "Stardust". Both Matt and I really enjoyed the movie so we ended a fun day with a good movie!

I also wanted to post pictures of Matt on his beloved motorcycle! These aren't super recent pictures but the most recent that we have. He has had a fun time fixing it up and customizing it to his desire and I must say I have really enjoyed watching him!

Although it may not look super pretty it runs well and by the time we are through with it, it will be a beauty!

The Cahoons are still doing well, nothing really to complain about! Happy and content!