Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Man Does Time Fly By!

So I thought that I was really on top of things but as I reflect on all of my "things", I realize I'm not that on top of it!! The biggest example is our blog! I didn't realize how long it had been since I last updated! So just like my last blog, this is going to big a sum of everything we have been up to the last 2 months!!

Well I'll start off with the most important thing......Matt got his deer! His first ever doe and she was quite the doe! It was fun to see all of his time and hard work reaping a reward! He made a perfect shot, double lunging her!! She only went about 20 yards before she expired! You would think that would calm his craving but it has indeed only fueled the fire! He has continued to be diligent in his efforts in hopes to get his buck as well! He has had a lot of opportunities but has passed, he knows the "Big Daddy" is out's only a matter of time!

Matt and Dane with Matt's first doe! This is how the boys hauled her out...what rough and rugged men!
Here he is, as you can tell from Matt's face, this is probably pretty close to the best day of his life!
What a great feeling to know you won't starve and all because of a loving husband's dedication!

Unfortunately I have not had such luck with my hunting ventures. The first day of the season I was given the perfect opportunity.....only to blow it, twice! I had a deer within 20 yards but shot right over her back! I couldn't believe I missed...that is pretty embarrassing, but Matt was quick to lift me up and encouraged me to try again. So far I haven't been successful but the temperature has dropped and the deer are moving!! I have a few days left and I feel good!

Just call me Hunter Woman!
Just hangin' out in the tree stand!

I also had the opportunity to surprise Cass and visit Texas!! I got a phone call from Brad and he said he was going to his high school reunion and wanted to make it up to Cass by surprising her with me!! I was ecstatic and quickly agreed! He was so great, he made all of the arrangements: he told Cass that his old roommate was coming to visit and asked if she could drive the 2 hours to the airport to pick him up! Cass was very good and said she could do that!!

The day finally came and I couldn't wait. When I arrived I called Brad, who then called Cass to tell her where to pick up "Ryan", the old roommate. It was funny because Brad had found out what I was wearing and told Cass to look for the blonde girl in the black shirt because Ryan was right by her. Cass responded, "Well I can see that blonde girl but not Ryan". I had to really wave her down, she probably would have kept driving. When she finally realized what was happening all she could say was, "What is this?". It was such a fun weekend! We went to the outlet stores, th fair and rodeo, the pumpkin patch, and ended with a girl's night out, just Cass and me! It was so fun to see Cass, Brad, and those little kids! I was happy to have been received well by Brylie and Brody! We definately had a lot of fun together!! I loved seeing Cass and just spending time with her!!

Brody with the pumpkins!
Brad, Cass, the kids, and I at the Heart of Texas Rodeo!
Ahhh I love these little babies!
Us at the Pumpkin Patch!
Curious much?

Matt is half way done with this semester and all is going well! He hasn't been nearly as stressed as some of his other semesters......thank goodness! He will be totally done with all of his classes in December, with only an internship in the Winter to go!! We are excited and look forward to graduation! Work has been just fantastic! My team ended #1 for the month of September with a score of 398.4 out of 400! This was pretty awesome, especially being my first official month as a supervisor! This month has been a little crazier but my team continues to perform really well! It is tradition at the call center to decorate for Halloween and this year the theme was 'Movies'. My team chose the movie "Hocus Pocus" and if you were to see our area you would be very impressed. We have recreated the Sanderson Sister's Cottage, complete with the black flame candle and the spell book! I was given the task of making the spell book and have been very pleased with the final product! Friday is the big Halloween day at Melaleuca so I will keep you posted with contest results!!!

This is the final spell book! Pretty fun!

Matt and I are just dandy, as I've said before, we are probably having too much fun! But you won't hear us complain, we are loving it!


Cassidy said...

Thanks for such a great visit!!! We can't wait to see you both soon!!

Brad and Barb Cahoon said...

Last time I talked to Matt, he answered his cell while sitting up in your tree stand. He had just finished setting it up when he answered, "Hi, Mom!" I had a flashback of the first time I found him high in a tree as a little boy out in our front yard. I think those were the same two words he used then. Paige, you look so cute in camouflage! Who does that? Happy hunting!

Russ and Jill said...

I LOVE YOU GUYS AND CAN'T WAIT TO COME TO SCHOOL THERE AND BE WITH YOU GUYS ALL THE TIME. You guys better teach me how to hunt. I wanna be like my older sister and be a Hunter Woman:)

-The youngest of the Allen children:)