Monday, July 5, 2010

A Long Time Coming.....!!

So it has been incredibly long since we last updated! Words would just be a waste a time so follow along on our picture post!

Shay, Chelsea, Grif, Jonas and Cooper come to visit us in Idaho!

Here we are at an old railroad tunnel.
A little Leatherby's!!
Nothing like a rotting deer head pulled from the freeway!
Matt's trophy buck!
What a handsome fella!
Lara has her little boy, Jackson, the first Cahoon grandbaby!
Matt has a close encounter with a young moose.
Whoa big game!
Another darling boy!
The family gathers for a wedding!
We meet baby Olivia, Cassidy's third!
Brody is our little Romeo!
Grif and Kate get married.....finally!!!
Our friends Dane and Laurel have their first little baby, Zoey!
We take our little canoe for a float down the river!
Matt gets one step closer to becoming a true cowboy with his new truck!!
Jonas and Matt get creative with a few sticks and a young archer is born!
AWWW I love this baby boy! Little Cooper!
We get an up close and personal shot of a black bear with Matt's trail cam.
Another big kill for the hunter!
A little bow fishing for some GIANT carp!

Just a small taste of our fabulous life in Idaho!!


Lara said...

Yay for a new post! It's fun to see what you guys are up to. Those are some huge fish! Did you get to eat all those? :) Nice truck Matt! I can just see him cruising around the streets of Rexburg in that baby with a giant animal flopping out the back of it :)

Liz and Calogero said...

Wow it has been forever, just kidding I just posted for the first time since like February. Looks like you have been busy glad all is going well!

Tiersha and Josh said...

Hey I don't know if you remember me, but I was good friends with Annica at BYU-I and found your blog link on her blog. I am so thrilled that you two got married and are doing well. Check out my blog sometime!!

Julie T said...

It's fun to keep up with your family now and then! Matt, in my book, you are already a true cowboy or whatever you want to call it-survivalist, outdoorsman/adventurer, etc. And that carp is one ugly fish with a snout like a pig. Is he a throw-back? When are you comin up here next? Good wishes! Julie